Its time to grab the bull by the horns and ride into 2022. It's time to tap into the public appetite for view, create a video that includes games footage, real locations and speakers what you have here is a feature. You can add that to your Steam page or add it to a special edition of the game if bought on steam. We at FNC pride ourselves on doing a good job. it is harder for companies to stand out and get the attention they need, just as hard for games. If you are a great developer with a good project and are looking to get attention for your product in the media and the people, look no further. FNCPR has over 28 years of experience in the gaming business, including PR and marketing promotions. We understand all genres and come with ‘out of the box’ ideas to bring your message out to the media and the public most efficiently and productively possible. Just send me an email on your wishes, and I will come back to you as soon as possible.


At FNCPR, as a creative agency we redefine what you expect from PR and marketing. Led by Frazer Nash whose foundation is built on more than twenty-seven years of PR/marketing experience and thinking out of the box for exciting options. He understands each of the genres he works with, formulating strategic ideas to reach out to media and the public.


Dynamic Digital PR

We specialise in communications strategy, public relations, influencer marketing, press release support draft / translation / distribution. I offer weekly / monthly coverage reports based on and analysis and social media. We use Meltwater to source all our online coverage.

Online Strategy

From creative development, production and media buying, we create plans free, paid, earned and owned.

Cooperate Partnerships

Our unrivalled access within entertainment, museums and the arts places us at the forefront of media.

Content Production

We can supply creative content from trailers, live broadcast, full length development features, we also have artist to create the perfect image for your brand. Need that perfect web site to tell the world about your project, we build site.


We have spent the last 27 years doing: Events management, Press events, Press studio tours, Tournaments, and Trade shows.

Other Services

Something always comes up that needs sorting. We can sort it.


“I’ve known and worked with Frazer for nearly 20 years and have always been impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge and how hard he works for his clients.”
Rich Keith – CEO Fourth Floor

“Frazer and I worked together at Vivendi releasing products from our Blizzard and Sierra Labels. I always enjoyed the passion and excitement he brought to every project. Frazer was always professional and a maestro at understanding the Video Games PR landscape.”
Dave Gould – Take 2 Interactive
Senior Director Sales UK & Export

“I have worked with Frazer on many projects over many years. A safe pair of hands and a man of his words, a straight talking guy who makes getting results look seamless.”
Jack Beckett – War History Online

“Frazer is a tenacious, friendly, and relentlessly enthusiastic PR who goes out of his way to tailor access in a way that best suits outlets. A great guy who isn’t afraid to use Caps Lock to get his message across.”
Ben Maxwell – Editor, PCGamesN

“For the past eight years, I have worked with Frazer on a number of projects across the UK and around the world. He is immensely talented at thinking outside the box, creating and driving media interest and generating positive PR for his clients. Frazer brings a great sense of humor and boundless energy to everything he does.”
Tracy Spaight – Wargaming

“I’ve been working with Frazer since the ’90s: he’s a professional and a friend.”
Stefano Silvestri – eurogamer.it