FNCPR is a distinguished agency within the gaming industry, specializing in public relations and innovative marketing campaigns. The competitive nature of this field demands that developers and publishers secure media coverage and public engagement to ensure the success of their projects. With FNCPR's forward-thinking strategies and expertise, they make an invaluable partner in achieving these objectives.

The agency has an established history of designing and executing unique marketing initiatives that capture attention and generate conversation. Notable examples include the strategic placement of 1st War Tanks in London's iconic Trafalgar Square, as well as forging synergistic collaborations with museums for exclusive exhibitions. These case studies exemplify FNCPR's ability to harness creativity and resourcefulness in the pursuit of heightened visibility and interest around a game or project.

Developers and publishers seeking to partner with FNCPR are invited to reach out via email to articulate their specific requirements. FNCPR's dedicated team ensures prompt and professional responses, offering customized solutions to cater to the unique needs of each client. Collaboration with a seasoned and reputable agency like FNCPR can substantially enhance the prospects of success for a game or project. It is indeed noteworthy to observe an organization with such an esteemed track record within the gaming industry.



At FNCPR, we pride ourselves on being a creative agency that reimagines the conventional boundaries of public relations and marketing. Guided by the visionary leadership of Frazer Nash, who brings over twenty-seven years of expertise in the PR and marketing domains, our agency consistently explores innovative and captivating solutions. Nash's deep understanding of diverse genres enables him to craft strategic approaches tailored to effectively engage both the media and the public.


Dynamic Digital PR

Our expertise encompasses communications strategy, public relations, influencer marketing, as well as press release support including drafting, translation, and distribution. We provide weekly or monthly coverage reports, complete with in-depth analysis and social media insights. To ensure comprehensive online coverage, we utilize the Meltwater platform for all our tracking and monitoring needs.

Online Strategy

Encompassing creative development, production, and media buying, our comprehensive approach includes devising strategies for free, paid, earned, and owned media channels. This holistic method ensures a well-rounded and effective marketing plan.

Cooperate Partnerships

Our unparalleled connections within the entertainment, museum, and arts sectors position us at the vanguard of media relations, ensuring exceptional exposure and engagement opportunities for our clients.

Content Production

We provide an array of creative content, ranging from trailers and live broadcasts to full-length development features. Our talented team of artists can craft the ideal visual representation for your brand. Furthermore, if you require a professional website to showcase your project, our skilled developers are equipped to design and build a platform tailored to your needs.


Over the past 27 years, we have honed our expertise in a range of services including event management, press events, press studio tours, tournaments, and trade shows, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness in each endeavor.

Other Services

Inevitably, unexpected challenges may arise, but rest assured that our team is well-equipped to address and resolve any issues that may surface, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


“I’ve known and worked with Frazer for nearly 20 years and have always been impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge and how hard he works for his clients.”
Rich Keith – CEO Fourth Floor

“Frazer and I worked together at Vivendi releasing products from our Blizzard and Sierra Labels. I always enjoyed the passion and excitement he brought to every project. Frazer was always professional and a maestro at understanding the Video Games PR landscape.”
Dave Gould – Take 2 Interactive
Senior Director Sales UK & Export

“I have worked with Frazer on many projects over many years. A safe pair of hands and a man of his words, a straight talking guy who makes getting results look seamless.”
Jack Beckett – War History Online

“Frazer is a tenacious, friendly, and relentlessly enthusiastic PR who goes out of his way to tailor access in a way that best suits outlets. A great guy who isn’t afraid to use Caps Lock to get his message across.”
Ben Maxwell – Editor, PCGamesN

“For the past eight years, I have worked with Frazer on a number of projects across the UK and around the world. He is immensely talented at thinking outside the box, creating and driving media interest and generating positive PR for his clients. Frazer brings a great sense of humor and boundless energy to everything he does.”
Tracy Spaight – Wargaming

“I’ve been working with Frazer since the ’90s: he’s a professional and a friend.”
Stefano Silvestri – eurogamer.it