Buried in Burma is a CSI case like no other. The missing person is a machine - the Spitfire fighter. The crime scene is a former RAF airfield in the Far East. It happened almost seventy-five years ago. FNC job is to deal with PR/Marketing and social media including working with a partner Bruno to create a web site to support the story.


Buried in Burma is the story of Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall’s quixotic quest to dig up a squadron of Spitfire aircraft he believes were buried at the end of WWII.

Armed with a high-tech survey which shows mysterious shapes under the sunbaked surface of Yangon International Airport, David’s 2013 expedition is equipped with state of the art JCB excavators, supported by a crack team of archaeologists, and funded by international computer gaming company Wargaming.

FNC role here is to handle promotion of the film and supply media with final edit cut for reviews, we will also arrange screening in London for media event, hopefully this will tie in with the book launch, except with Covid 19 virus everything is put back to later date.

We have already supported the showing at a special screening in London athe International Cinema Festival on February 8-15th 2020. The film was nominated for Best Documentary Feature, Best Director of a Documentary Feature, and the Historical Education Award. Buried in Burma was awarded Best Director of a Documentary Feature.



The Buried Spitfires of Burma is the biography of a modern legend, which was born of the chaos of the end of World War Two in the Far East and ended by captivating the world in January 2013. The legend of the buried Spitfires of Burma.

With a colourful cast of characters including a Lincolnshire farmer, the British Prime Minister, diplomats, generals, business tycoons, monks and old soldiers, The Buried Spitfires of Burma is also the gripping story of a belief bordering on obsession, made for the era of fake history and fake news, much like the quests to recover the treasure of the fabled Oak Island Money Pit, Yamashita’s Gold, or the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Results: the book will be finally launched in June depending on Covid 19 Virus our job will be the work with the book publishers to arrange reviews across the globe, this story was global at its height.


The website opens with a full-screen specially edited video, starting with real B&W shuts of Spitfires flying that gives lovers of the war subject a feeling of nostalgia at the same time engaging them to interact with the website. The design has attention to details, with rounded corner buttons that reminds Spitfires’ wings and circular elements that reminds military roundels.