We were hired initially to handle PR and marketing support for the museums’ annual event Militracts our roles was to find interesting stories and promote ticket sales. Our work with the museum has evolved into supporting a wealth of initiatives including; new exhibitions exhibition “Turning point Europe.” which is a reboot of there collection of clothing and gear from soldiers, this collection also included the scarce Enigma machine. The 5th Santa Fe event, you can relive the Battle of Overloon With over 250 WWII vehicles and a plethora of re-enactors from the Allied forces from WWII and the creation of promotional trailers for the events. We were also involved in the development of the museums’ new web site, taking the existing web site and adding more content and structure.

Due to the Corus 19 out break the museum decided to cancel Militracks, after a long conversation with museum direct about to do next with the show, it looked like we were going to do nothing until 2021. We FNC went away from that call, then came back with a presentation to do an alternative show combining Militracks and Santa Fe for September. After further discussions we have a new show one called Militracks Special Market Garden Edition 19th 20th September.